Knowledge is power and RESI operators can pass that knowledge on to you to get the most out of the technology. RESI tailors training programs to the customers needs, not to a predetermined schedule!



Many companies see the need for this type technology. However, without knowledge on how to get the most out of this technology, the process falls short.  That is where RESI can help save the day.  RESI employees have spent years in the field, working everyday, perfecting the technology and process and are willing to share it with you!

Wouldn’t it be great to get results immediately rather than waiting days, months, or years for an operator to become proficient?

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Built for the Customer

RESI training is not a book reading session, with the same test parts, being used hundreds of times.   The best approach is to use the customer’s parts and needs to develop an individualized process!  RESI will then use that process to train employees on how to hit the ground running.   Do you need to spend a whole day on techniques that are of no interest because that is what the class schedule dictates?  NO!   Our trainers are experts because they use this same process every day.

Depending on trainee’s, training can start with print reading or GD&T, if multiple devices and positions are necessary, we can teach you that.  Plain and simple, we train you for the customer’s needs!  This leads to a faster learning process, and better understanding of the process. Customer’s find that our training better prepares operators to be successful, advancing the company, as a whole, from that success.

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If you need a boost to your process, a refresher course for senior operators, or a complete turn key program for new ones contact us and we will get you up and running

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