CAD Modeling & FEA Simulation

CAD models for your design, and analysis for that model.  Let RESI experts build your documentation.



Computer Aided Drafting & Modeling

Modeling needs are growing by the minute, almost every industry is starting to get father away from 2D prints.  Why should you not be part of the revolution?   Let RESI experts build your idea into a working model or assembly today.   RESI works in many CAD packages such as Solidworks and ProEngineer.  RESI has the technical experience to build you a model that is correct to your design and, most important, the parts will be correct for fit, form, and function.  This experience allows RESI to help with a robust design that is easiest to manufacture and build to correct tolerances.  These two are the biggest areas in which the industry is lacking, and the cause for the most money spent in correction.  RESI can work with any project from a napkin sketch, to a full document package you need changes performed on.


Finite Element Analysis Simulation

Analysis that can be used to provide more robust designs and ultimately make parts and products better.  With 3D models being more widely used, software has come along to help engineers test products before they are even built!  RESI utilizes software to analyze and correct failures in design or oversights made on models.  This technology can save thousands in prototypes that will fail by mathematically predicting stress levels on parts.  The simulation can also be used for testing repetitive motions to predict ultimate life cycle, as well as mold flow and many other options.  RESI can provide simulation services on customer supplied models as well. Contact us with the details of your project to learn more.


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